A “Green office” has many definitions. It can be defined as a smaller ecological trail, less paper waste, or even less energy consumption. In any definition, it is the best for our environment in the long run. Regardless of your position in the workplace or even if your work space has taken steps to becoming Green already, there is something you can do to make your workplace greener.

The first step for businesses looking to become greener is to make out the problem. Once the problem is identified, it is time to act, and in this article, we are going to give you a guide to make your office greener and environmentally affable.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” means more than just throwing old notepaper in the blue bin. It is an easy way to make your office greener. There are many items in your office that you can recycle. If you do not have a recycling station at work, start one. This may include recycling of Paper products, Cardboard boxes , Soda cans and plastic bottles, Aluminum foil, Plastic bags, Ink cartridges , edible items

Save Energy, GO GREEN!

Energy production is one of the biggest problems that need to be solved. It is very easy for you to make a greener office and reduce your energy usage. Just go green and use renewable energy sources. Publish you green logo on your website, showing that your business uses 100% green energy and suggest to your employees to do the same.

Scrimp and save on energy dispersion

With a little bit of attention you can save a huge amount of money by making your office greener and contribute to the environment. Energy-saver settings are on all electronics (Sleep mode if untouched for 10 or 15 minutes), and remember to turn them off when you leave for the day. Use sensors or timers on overhead lighting to prevent lighting empty rooms. Run the air conditioning and heating a little less just as much sufficient.

Go Paperless

Go as much paperless as you can whenever it is possible. Do not print a document or an email if you don’t have to. You can safely archive and save it. Send contracts via email and electronically sign them if possible instead of printing and faxing.

Shop just

Replace office products with organic and fair trade versions. Of course, there are all sort of products that you can switch to that are eco-friendly and local too make your office greener. Make a list of products you use in the office and find your replacement today.


September 11th, 2015

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