About E-Con Cleaning

As an experienced commercial cleaning company, already used by many key Perth businesses, we always aim to provide consistent office cleaning results.

By choosing this way of cleaning, our clients are able

  • To participate in the reduction of the impact on our precious environment
  • To initiate and support the eco-friendly alternative cleaning solutions and products instead of the traditional and chemical focused cleaning activities and products.

The provision of a clean and safe office working environment is a vital requirement for any Perth-based or Australian businesses. We know that a key element in achieving this goal is through the on-going delivery of high-quality and reliable office cleaning services.

Providing our clients with individually tailored cleaning packages – delivered with the highest possible standards – is what we are aiming for.

By your thoughtful choice of our eco-friendly alternatives through both our cleaning services and in the products used, you join us in a powerful commitment towards a greener world.

Our staff

Structured Recruitment

All cleaners are employed by Econ Cleaning through our structured recruitment process to ensure quality control of the service being delivered to the clients.

Training & Induction

A senior staff is always onsite with staff who are in the beginning stage of their employment to ensure seamless transition. Junior staff will not be allow onsite alone until a work assessment is conducted by the management. Cleaners receive comprehensive training at each particular office to ensure the best outcome.

You know who they are

The cleaners are introduced to client prior to the start of the contract where possible so that the clients are comfortable to who will be on site during service delivery.

Quality Control & Security

Understanding our client’s specific cleaning needs is crucial to ensuring you receive the best service. At E-Con Cleaning, various quality systems and procedures have been put into place to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service.

Through the following approach, E-Con Cleaning has been able to achieve the highest level of cleaning standards for our clients.

Satisfaction Survey

Online survey for all clients to submit feedback and areas for improvement is always available. When a feedback is received, our staff will get in contact with the client within 2 business days to discuss about the feedback and work out the appropriate solutions.

Regular Site Inspection

Regular site inspections are undertaken by senior management to achieve quality assurance and consistency.

Key Tracking Technology

E-Con Cleaning uses the key tracking technology to ensure that the keys to the clients’ premises are always kept and stored appropriately after use.

Our Strict Security Policy

All cleaners are instructed to inform the management via the 24/7 report line when any issues occur. It is our company policy to strictly not leave any premises unsecured.

OH&S Policy

E-Con Cleaning’s OH&S Policy and procedures are comprehensive, thorough and comply with all current national regulations, standards and guidelines.

Where necessary cleaners are equipped with personal protective equipment such as safety shoes, eye protection etc.